There's a Better Way to Capture CO₂

Inventys has developed the VeloxoTherm™ process, a post-combustion CO₂ capture process that uses adsorbent structures. Cheaper, non-toxic, and more efficient than amine solutions, structured adsorbents are the future of carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and greenhouse gas (GhG) reduction.

Where the eCO₂nomics Make Sense

Commercializing the most economically viable technology for post-combustion CO₂ capture. Can you imagine the possibilities?

Familiar Equipment

At the heart of the VeloxoTherm™ process is the rotary adsorption machine, which functions like a rotary air preheater. Rotary air preheaters have been used worldwide in thermal power stations for more than 80 years.


Breakthrough Technology

The VeloxoTherm™ process is different from all other CO₂ capture technologies through its unique use of structured adsorbents. Inventys' patented design, which accelerates the TSA process, translates to significant savings in capital costs and operating costs, no corrosive or poisonous compounds, and better energy efficiency.


We Know Gas Separation

They Already Believe

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Changing the Way People Think About CO₂

Achieve Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets


  • Economically viable for enhanced oil recovery
  • Clean coal without the high costs and environmental risks
  • Alberta's oil sands producers can avoid costly penalties and meet mandatory CO₂ reduction targets
Bridging the Gap
Maximize Resources with Easy Access to Valuable CO₂