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September 1, 2015
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Inventys Launches New Corporate Video

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Former US Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu and CleanTech Investor Dan Miller, join Inventys employees and President and CEO André Boulet to showcase a radically different carbon-capture technology in a new four-minute video released today.

André-Boulet-PTS“Inventys is commercializing a post-combustion carbon-capture technology based on a radically different approach using solid structured adsorbents,” said President and CEO André Boulet. “This might be the industry’s best-kept secret and this new video does a fantastic job of portraying the uniqueness of our technology, the knowledge and experience of our team, and the market value and opportunities that lay ahead of us thanks to our cost-effective approach.”

“Inventys is developing one of the most important technologies. Period,” says Dan Miller, Managing Director of the Roda Group. “The Inventys technology allows us to capture CO₂ much more cost effectively than anything that has been done before. Previous attempts, while technically successful, were far more expensive.”

Today, Inventys views CO₂ as a valuable commodity with huge potential for servicing an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) market. EOR is an established market that’s been around since the early 1970s. It uses CO₂ to extract stranded oil but is constrained in growth because of limited supply of CO₂. Studies indicate there are 104 billion barrels of oil technically recoverable in the U.S. using CO2-enhanced oil recovery.

Dan-Miller-streetIn the video, Dr. Steven Chu describes VeloxoTherm as an essential part of the need to reduce carbon emissions. “In addition to that, capturing carbon dioxide and using it for enhanced oil recovery means that in the
coming decades we can get the fossil fuels we want at lower cost but again with the long-term goal of environmental protection.”

The new corporate video brings clarity to Inventys’ market position. It will be an important tool for articulating and conveying our commercialization strategy to current and future investors, partners, and other stakeholders. Watch the video and learn more about Inventys and its VeloxoTherm System.







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