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Building a CO₂ Marketplace at the

The current CO₂ concentration of 410 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere corresponds to about 3,200 gigatonnes of CO₂ (GtCO₂) and the total global emissions rate is about 44 GtCO₂ per year.  One ppm of atmospheric CO₂ corresponds to 7.8 GtCO₂.

Any measure of consequences must have a scale of at least 1 GtCO₂/year (the Gt-Scale Challenge).

Gt-scale carbon management will require massive investments and therefore present significant management, workforce, supply chain, and financing challenges. So far, it has failed to build momentum because of unresolved tension between public and private stakeholder positions around carbon tax and commercial value proposition.

At Inventys, we believe that a coalition of the willing — enlightened public and private stakeholders — could contribute the support necessary for the scale-up of the CO₂ marketplace based on this CO₂ marketplace pathway.


Phase 1 – CO2 monetization of distributed supply

At an early stage of a new market development, deliverability is more important than choosing the lowest unit cost with very large-scale projects (>1,000 TPD).  Once confidence and cost certainty improves, successive generations of technologies can be expected to deliver cost and performance improvements.

At Inventys, we are initially focused on delivering carbon capture systems at a scale of 30 to 600 TPD for market applications who can afford 30 to 100 $/tonne at the point of use of CO2.  The enabler of these beachhead markets is a shift in the reduction of CO2 capture costs by a factor of two with 2nd generation technology.


Phase 2 – Scale-up

At the scale-up stage, a fleet of scale-up plants must be deployed in jurisdictions worldwide where the CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure exists for both onshore and offshore CO2-EOR, such as in the Permian Basin in USA, North Sea in Europe and Middle East.


Phase 3 – Roll-Out

While scale-up is focused on establishing the CO2 marketplace based on the commercial value of CO2,  roll-out establishes carbon capture and storage as a competitive decarbonisation option based on a carbon tax and/or tax credits higher than the CO2 capture costs.

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