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Husky Energy investing in carbon capture pilot plant at Sask. heavy oil project

July 14, 2017
Husky Energy Inc. is increasing its investment in carbon capture and storage technology, which it hopes will make its expanding heavy oil operations in Saskatchewan more environmentally friendly.... READ MORE
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Inventys: Saving the world by braving hi-tech's "Valley of Death"

April 28, 2017
If you want to save the world through carbon dioxide capture, you have to brave hi-tech's "Valley of Death." To do that, you need a killer idea that leads to a game-changing innovation. And Burnaby-based Inventys has just that.... READ MORE
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Carbon Capture: New Technologies Under Development

January 25, 2017
Although for the time being amine technology is the only technology that is quite developed on the market, some processes that use solids rather than liquid solutions to capture CO2, namely adsorption, are promising... READ MORE in French
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Carbon capture: why we need next generation technologies

October 31, 2016
A considerable research effort worldwide has therefore aimed to develop a second-generation of lower cost CO2 capture technologies which can make CCS a more competitive option for low-carbon energy. READ MORE
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Feds Invest $275K in West Coast Carbon Capture Firm Inventys

May/June 2016
“Inventys has the potential to develop a Canadian-made, new-to-the-world adsorption technology for carbon capture that removes the barriers to a low-carbon economy." READ MORE
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BC Captures Attention with Carbon Capture and Re-Use

May/June 2016
Darryl Wolanski, VP Business Development, lnventys, describes the VeloxoTherm process as a new approach using conventional equipment that has been repurposed. To find out what equipment he's talking about... READ MORE
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Inventys: A Better Way to Capture CO2

March/April 2016
Andre Boulet, President and CEO, lnventys, says their VeloxoTherm process is cheaper, non-toxic, and more efficient than the incumbent amine solutions. Self-described as a breakthrough technology... READ MORE
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B.C. clean-techs score big with pre-commercial products

March 22, 2016
“All of these types of programs give investors confidence because you have a number of different, very well-informed organizations digging into the technology... READ MORE
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Ottawa earmarks $30m for BC cleantech including carbon capture technology

March 4, 2016
B.C. clean technology projects are on the receiving end of $30 million in funding from Ottawa. General Fusion, Loop Energy and Inventys are among the... READ MORE
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Recent funding of carbon capture technologies reflects commitment

November 12, 2015
Pilot-scale testing of 2nd generation technologies using actual process gases is a critical step in advancing more cost-effective carbon capture technologies. The US Department of Energy/National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE/NETL) recently announced... READ MORE
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Canada's Top Energy Innovators 2015

March 2, 2015
From environmental reclamation to operational excellence, Canada’s Top Energy Innovators, including Inventys, are pushing hard on their industry’s leading edges... READ MORE
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Corporate partnerships help Inventys scale-up carbon capture tech

August 11, 2014
The company’s been racking up partnerships with heavyweights in that space, most recently with new investor Chevron Technology Ventures... Read More...
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Company tries to catch CO2 before it touches the sky

March 31, 2014
André Boulet, chief executive officer of Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc. in Burnaby, British Columbia, holds up a 6inch piece of charcoal, showing how light passes through toothpick-sized air shafts.... Read More...
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Former Energy Secretary Chu joins board of Canadian startup

December 2013
WASHINGTON — A Canadian company with a radically different approach to capturing carbon pollution from power plants has won an influential endorsement from Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winning physicist and a former secretary of energy, who is joining the company’s board. Read More...
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Carbon capture breaks new ground

July 2012
The plumes of steam rising from Nova Chemical Corp.’s petrochemical plant at Joffre could soon lose much of their carbon punch. Climate Change and Emissions Management Corp. announced on Thursday that it’s providing more than $3 million in funding for the development of a carbon dioxide capture and storage system at Nova’s complex.Read More...
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Energy firms collect $46 million to cut carbon dioxide emissions

July 2012
Inventys is receiving more than $3 million to help commercialize technology to capture carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas streams. The $6-million project proposes to capture emissions from a natural-gas powered steam boiler a Nova Chemical’s petrochemical plant at Joffre. Read More...
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Back to the oil age

January / February 2012
Four engineers who once worked for a company that sought to capitalize on the hydrogen economy are now developing a technology they hope will help produce more oil. André Boulet, Darryl Wolanski, Brett Henkel and Soheil Khiavi initially worked for a firm that focused on hydrogen separation early last decade when such companies were stock-market darlings... READ MORE
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Burnaby firm looking to clean up in floundering carbon capture market

December 2011
Just when the prospects for carbon capture and storage were beginning to look gloomy in Western Canada, the world’s leaders created a major new market for the technology with the stroke of a pen in Durban. And that’s good news for Inventys... READ MORE
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Vancouver company signs carbon capture deal with Suncor

November 2011
Vancouver’s Inventys Thermal Technologies announced a research and development agreement Tuesday to develop the VeloxoTherm carbon capture system with Suncor Energy. The program is funded partly by the federal government’s... READ MORE
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Inventys partners with Suncor in carbon capture technology

November 2011
Inventys has signed a Research and Development Agreement with Suncor Energy to develop the VeloxoTherm CO₂ Capture Technology for deployment in carbon capture and storage projects and CO2 enhanced oil recovery... Read More...
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Inventys - CO₂ capture for $15 per tonne

February 2011
Inventys has developed a gas separation technology that it claims enables carbon dioxide to be captured from industrial flue gas streams for US $15 per tonne of CO₂. Called the VeloxoTherm™ process, it has the ability to recover the heat energy evolved during adsorption and use it to help release the CO2... READ MORE
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This TSA process promises to slash costs for CO₂ separation

January 2011
A post-combustion process capable of separating CO₂ from flue gas at one-third the cost of alternative separation processes has been developed by Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc. (Burnaby, B.C., Canada; Dubbed VeloxoTherm (VX), the patented process is now being tested together with a consortium of... READ MORE
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