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The VeloxoTherm™ Process: Three Simple Steps

A Utility Company is No Place for a Chemical Plant

Carbon Capture in 60 Seconds

At the heart of VeloxoTherm™ process is the rotary adsorption machine, or RAM, which is based on the design of an existing regenerative air preheater. The RAM consists of a rotating assembly, or rotor, that contains the structured adsorbent.

The temperature swing adsorption, or TSA, cycle is established by the rotation of the structured adsorbent, which completes a full revolution in about 60 seconds.

The Next CO₂ Solution is Actually a Solid

The VeloxoTherm™ process is the world's first post-combustion CO₂ capture process that uses structured adsorbents. Structured adsorbents offer many performance improvements when compared with any other CO₂ capture method.

This game-changing approach uses familiar equipment and results in smaller equipment and the consumption of less energy.

Carbon Capture in 60 Seconds

Have doubts? Watch our video tutorial to see how simple we've made CO₂ capture.

It's Time to Rethink Your CO₂ Solution

The Old Way

  • Liquid Solvents
  • Chemisorption
  • High Solvent Regeneration Energy
  • Large Towers, Complex Equipment
  • High Capital Costs
  • Corrosive Solvent
  • Toxic Emissions and Waste
  • Requires Solvent Make Up